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Supply of two new asphalt emulsion spraying cisterns of 6,000 and 12,000 litres to EIFFAGE INFRAESTRUCTURAS, one for their Madrid Delegation and one for their Delegation at Elche (Alicante).


DIFEMSA - FCC Doha, Octubre 2015


Cimolai Launcher of segments pre-cast for the FYAP consortium formed by the companies FCC, Archirodon, Yuksel and Petroserv, executing the structures for Doha air subway.





Delivery at Algeria of two Underlane Launching Movable Scaffolding System (UL MSS)  for the Highway of Mascara to the companies Levantina de Ingeniería y Construcción (LIC) and Constructora Hormigones Martínez (CHM), currently in assembly phase the first of the MSS and arriving to the site the second one.

The machines will execute spans of 50 m with a weight of the superstructure of 24 t/m.

Each machine is transported fully dismantled in 45 containers of 40' and it is assembled entirely at the site within a period of one month each.


Technical Characteristics:

• Max. bridge span c/c piers: 50m.

• Max. start span: 40m

• Max. concreting length : 40m + 10m cantilever = total 50m

• Max. end span: 50m

• Weight of superstructure: 24 t /m,

• Min. horizontal radius: 900m

• Max. longitudinal slope: 6%

• Normal width of the bridge: 14.0 m

• Deflection: max. L/400

• One type of piers,

• Max. superelevation / crossfall: +/- 5%



DIFEMSA - NRS Bosporus Project, Junio 2015


NRS Lifting carriers of segments (Derrick Cranes), for lifting of pieces with capacity of 900tn per pair, executing the cable-stayed viaduct over the Strait of Istanbul (Bosporus), completion date of project November 2015.


DIFEMSA - FCC Mersey UK, October 2016


Execution of Board at Viaduct Mersey in England with two NRS Movable Scaffolding System (MSS) with a length of spans of 70 m.


Main Technical Data


1.  Type of superstructure (section)        P.S.C. Box-Girder

2.  Span Length: Start and End span       49.58m., 70.00m., 56.00m., 68.00m.

3. Typical span                                           49.58m., 56.00m.

                                                                    64.167m., 67.667m., 68.00m., 70.00m.

4.  Maximum launching distance             70m.

5.  Min. Horizontal radius                         697m.

6.  Max. Longitudinal slope                       ±0.764 % (can work to a higher slope)

7.  Max crossfall (superelevation)            5%

8.  Tallest pier (height in m)                      27.848m. (can work to a higher pier)

9.  Section constant or variable               Variable

                                                                     (change web&bottom slab thickness at blister)

10.  Deck width (m)                                    18.665m. (1st casting stage by MSS only)

11.  Bottom box width                              7.8m.

12.  Deck height (m)                                  4.406m. typical

                                                                    and varies from 4.406 to 4.600 m.

13.  Span weight                                        for 70m. typical span = 29,150kN.

                                                                    (Concrete density 25kN/m3)

                                                                    Concrete weight at pier area not included.




DIFEMSA - Manufacturing of the biggest Launcher ever built - 2015 Reunion Island.